How to motivate a frontline team to focus all day, every day.

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If you are looking to, or have hired frontline staff,  you will ache for those individuals to care about the customer experience. From the moment new staff take up their position, you want them focused on what’s best for your customers and you want them providing a level of service that has customers not only coming back, but speaking highly about the business to everyone they know.

A consistently high level of customer care is not natural for everyone and over time, even the most highly skilled and service focused employee can become complacent. Difficult interactions that leave employees feeling tired or frustrated are usually what chips away at frontline staff and over time, their motivation to provide excellent service lessens.

That’s quite normal, it’s not their business.

So, how do you keep staff motivated and focused on providing consistently excellent service all day, everyday? 

Encourage each person to identify the reason they should keep their service skills and focus sharp. The reason that goes beyond getting paid and doing what you (the boss) or the business wants.

Ask them to identify their WIIFM: What’s In It For Me? Ask them, to ask themselves; “What’s in it for me to provide excellence service to every customer, every day”

This is a personal question. Everyone’s motivation to be better than just a good customer service provider may be different. Some will find it easy to answer and others might have to dig deep to identify why they should make the extra effort.

I refer to employees who know their WIIFM, as Customer Service Professionals in the making. They know the internals rewards they gain from providing excellent service is more valuable than their pay packet (which is an external reward). They know that when they provide a level of service that exceeds a customer’s expectation, they benefit too.

The Top 5 benefits of becoming a customer service professional

1.      Increased compliments

2.      Decreased complaints

3.      Increased job satisfaction

4.      Increased personal satisfaction

5.      Increased confidence when dealing with angry or upset customers

The preceding list was created by attendees at our Customer Service Boot Camps. Staff at all levels in all businesses benefit greatly from attending a customer service re-fresher session like our Customer Service Boot Camp. They get the chance to refresh their people skills, hear from a service excellence expert and vent their concerns in a professional and supportive environment.

They leave feeling valued, motivated and with their service excellence lights fully charged.

Employees that are only motivated to provide great service by a pay packet or to keep the boss happy, rarely stay motivated long term. This will leave you the manager or leader, shaking your head and scrambling to try and work out what will turn on the customer service lights. Haven't you got enough to do?

If you would like help creating a culture of service excellence in your frontline team or business, grab a copy of my book "The A-Z of Service Excellence". It's packed with ideas, insights and actions that will help you keep your team focused and inspired to reach their WIIFM.

Cate Schreck