The Service Excellence Zone

What do you do after group training to maintain positive team work and excellent customer service?

What do you do if group training doesn’t suit staff availability, your time frames or your budget?

What do you do when customer service and team work issues need attention now?

With the help of Businesses across Australia, we created the solution.

  • The Service Excellence Zone - A 12 month Membership to Excellence

  • The Service Excellence Zone is a cost and time effective way for you to provide regular professional development for your team.

  • The Service Excellence Zone is packed with videos, activities and resources to maintain team harmony and a focus on service excellence, all year.

  • The Service Excellence Zone is growing so join now to have your say in the content.


I love The Zone! No more do I have to worry about how and what will keep our team customer service focused. I just go to The Zone and together we make it happen - all year.” Business Manager


Join The Service Excellence Zone

COST - One payment of $1,450 +GST for 12 months access.

two payment options.

Option 1 - CREDIT CARD
Automatic registration and access via online secure credit card payment.

Option 2 - INVOICE
Invoice for purchase order/approval.


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