3 things workplace trainers must avoid

GWMW 1st Feb 2013 Websize

I love my job! I'm a workplace trainer who specialises in customer service,team work, professional behaviours and training workplace trainers. I work with large national companies through to small business and I've spoken at industry events in Melbourne, Geelong, Auckland, Ballarat and Launceston.

For me, the road to becoming a full-time and happy workplace trainer has been challenging. It's challenging because you make your mistakes in front of an audience. It's also like acting. Everyone in attendance will have an opinion on your performance. (I'm aiming for an Oscar!)

I could rattle on for pages about what it takes to be a successful workplace trainer, but here's 3 things you must avoid:

1/ Don't train in what you don't believe:  One of my first (and worst) experiences was training a group of 80 senior citizens in Bendigo, how to use Automatic Teller Machines (ATM's). "Yes" I said, "Stand on the street and get your cash out of the wall! It will save you time and money and you will love it!". Frogs twaddle! I didn't believe in the message and it showed. My hands and voice shook, I could barely breathe and almost internally combusted. Since then, I only train what I truly believe in. This alone will save you from crippling anxiety and many, many sleepless nights.

2/ Don't think you have to know it all. But shouldn't the workplace trainer have all the answers? Well good luck with that! Excellent workplace trainers value the existing skills and knowledge of the participants. Your learners will be adults and they already know stuff! Stuff they want to share and question. Successful workplace trainers use the knowledge of the room to increase participation and show respect.

3/ Don't forget to listen with your eyes and ears. Just because you are talking, doesn't mean people are listening and learning. You've got to be able to "read" the room. Long sighs, walk outs and falling asleep are pretty clear signs you are not engaging, but can you pick up on the smaller less obvious signs? From the moment a participant steps into the room, you have to work at getting their respect and there are lots of ways you can do this....but that's for another blog.

Successful workplace trainers never stop learning. They keep up to date with their chosen topics and they are always seeking new ways to share information. If you want to be a successful workplace trainer - contact us now!

Cate  Schreck - Service Excellence Coach and The Trainers Trainer