We create Customer Service Professionals


Our Story

Lightbulb Training Solutions (LTS) commenced with a clear and passionate goal; to design and deliver customer service specific resources and training that give businesses everything they need to create and sustain a culture of service excellence.

Since 2010 we have worked with over 170 businesses and provided our services to more than 5,000 employees and we continue to do so because....

  • We are passionate about Frontline employees knowing their value in business
  • We believe that employees at every level, in every business, benefits from soft skill development  
  • We know that soft skill development increases job and personal satisfaction and decreases stress
  • We know that a team of Customer Service Professionals are a force for great - great team work, great service and great business results.

Founders Steve and Cate Schreck combined their expertise, skills and knowledge to build LTS to what is now a team of highly experienced and passionate workplace trainers and facilitators who love what they do and they do it so well, that LTS are considered the best.   

Our Vision

Our vision is for workplaces to become environments where employees can expect to not only earn, but to also learn.

  • To learn the skills to work together in harmony and provide consistently excellent customer service.
  • To learn the skills to interact with people from all walks of life, with confidence and respect.
  • To learn the value of diversity at work

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses...

  • Grow through developing a culture and reputation of customer service excellence
  • Recruit and retain staff with high level customer service skills
  • Inspire customers to come back and bring their friends and family with them
  • Save time and make money by creating a team of Customer Service Professionals

Our Team

LTS only provide trainers who have met the following criteria:

  • Minimum 10 years training and facilitating experience

  • Genuine passion for developing teams of Customer Service Professionals

  • Dedicated to their own ongoing professional development

  • Have provided references and evidence of workplace training success

  • Flexible delivery styles – always professional but adaptable to the industry


Cate Schreck


Expertise: Customer Service and Workplace Interpersonal Skills

Cate is the Director of Lightbulb Training Solutions (LTS) and is known for designing and delivering workplace training programs that educate and motivate staff to work together in harmony and provide consistently excellent customer service. Cate is passionate about sharing the skills that create harmonious workplaces and delighted customers.


Belinda Fyffe

associate consultant
Expertise: Middle Management and Leadership Skills Development

Belinda has a Bachelor of Business and over 25 years experience with skills in management, human resources, performance coaching, risk and project management, business finance and strategic planning.

Belinda has had extensive experience in implementing new systems and improvements across various industries including retail, local government, pharmacy and manufacturing and is a highly sought after leadership coach and facilitator.

Belinda enjoys the challenge of helping clients achieve their training and development goals with a practical hands-on approach. Her entrepreneurial drive makes her a trainer and facilitator who inspires and motivates attendees to thrive in the workplace.

What keeps Belinda coming back to deliver training and facilitate group learning?
“The truly rewarding part of any program is watching attendees enter with one set of ideas and concepts, and leave with a new, expanded set of ideas and concepts.”

Belinda’s experience, knowledge and skills has brought about her first book which is a great tool for new managers and small business owners –“Cutting Through the Staff Maze – The Basics of Human Resources” – please contact us if you would like to access a copy.

Belinda had a great working rapport with the learners and used levity and humour well.
— A.E. – Training Manager

Dr Cheryl Crosthwaite

Associate consultant
Expertise: Senior and Executive Management and Business Development

Cheryl’s technique varies from “trainer” to “facilitator” depending on the objectives of the programme, the client, and the needs of the participants.  Her strength lies in her ability to adapt her approach to training to any given situation and to draw on practical experience to guide participants to solutions. She is a strong believer in using interactive and experiential activities to build learning and believes in the training philosophy of being a “guide by the side” rather than a “sage on a stage”. In this way Cheryl’s workshops are practical and well-focused to meet the course objectives.

Cheryl has experience across a range of industries including, banking and finance, communications and IT, education, engineering, health, hospitality, oil and gas property development and retail.

Cheryl, thank you for your leadership training. You have improved my knowledge on leadership skills. You are a great mentor. You have opened my mind to become a good leader. Great Job!
— Senior Engineer – Oil and Gas Services

Brad Clarke

Associate Consultant
Expertise: Learning and Performance Improvement

Brad strives to connect people, performance and prosperity through the delivery of training programs that foster learning and embed performance improvement.

Brad’s experience stretches across more than two decades and includes accredited and non-accredited training within the Statutory, Commercial and Community sectors and he is a graduate of the inaugural Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Applied Learning) at Deakin University.

Brad’s interactive and engaging style promotes a learning environment that is both fun and motivating for attendees.  He is a strong advocate for collaborative and collective learning, the use of diverse blended learning environments and has a strong focus on both content and context.

After a 6 week program, Brad from LTS proved to be a very effective coach developing a working framework that was task orientated but outcome focused. The end result was a very successful project against expectations and a “like new” employee who has since shown to be extremely motivated and valuable to our organisation.
— Strategy & Development Manager - Print & IT Services

“Best. Training. Ever"



Our clients are consistently impressed with our team of trainers and range of workplace training programs. We provide a fully customised service and all of our programs are designed to encourage learning in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

See what our clients say about our programs:

We had the pleasure of welcoming Cate from Lightbulb Training Solutions into our practices across Australia. She provided fun and interactive workshops for both our administrative and clinical staff. Cate went to great lengths to understand our company and personalised the training material in a way that all staff could relate to. We will welcome Cate back to Back In Motion for future training.
— Craig Pritchard, Field Development Manager

apd Australia

Cate is a one of a kind customer service trainer. Her passion for giving individuals and teams the skills to provide consistently superior levels of customer service shows in both her preparation and delivery of service excellence training programs. If you want more customers, less customer complaints and happier staff then I highly recommend Cate.
— Paul Steed, Managing Director
Initially Cate delivered a 1 hour effective communication session. We were so impressed with her ability and natural style to train others that we invited Cate back to support us with ‘Bringing Out the Best in Your People’ training sessions. Cate is a pleasure to work with, she listens to the needs of the business and adapts her style to suit accordingly. What started out to be a session aimed specifically at our people managers has rolled out to nearly the entire company. Cate has helped shift the mindset of how we manage and work with others and her knowledge and use of practical tools such as the DISC Advanced, enabled individuals to gain greater levels of self-awareness and help them adapt their working and communication style to suit others. Thanks Cate for everything, you are a familiar face around here now!
— Aine Murphy, Human Resource Manager

Education Design

Cate is a forward thinking developer of skills and initiatives within the customer service arena and she imparts this knowledge with passionate enthusiasm. I have learnt much from Cate in relation to her determination to change the way we traditionally view the implementation of customer service skills and how she empowers employees to know their value in the workplace.
— Maryanne Gardiner, Manager
Cate from Lightbulb Training Solutions ran a ‘first class customer service’ training session with our Vic Tas franchisee’s which was really well received. Cate has a very engaging manner when she speaks and covered off all the key points we had talked about in our planning meeting. I would use Cate again and recommend her to others.
— Ross Morley, Managing Director

Accounting Practice

Cate designed and delivered a professional behaviours session for our team that was compelling, contemporary and highly relevant. Staff came to me with unsolicited positive feedback and I too was left feeling confident and motivated. Cate has a genuine passion for people working together in harmony in the workplace and her positive attitude is infectious.
— Anita Roseblade, General Manager


  • “It was great to get away from the desk and have fun whilst learning.”
  • “Interactive, informative and provided real examples and real solutions.”                                      
  • “Excellent course delivered in a fantastic and easy to relate to manner.”
  • “I loved the real life examples from the trainer. This showed she knows what she is talking about!”
  • “Finally some training that isn’t boring and that I wanted to attend!”


  • “Staff were very positive about this training. They are talking about it and practising their new skills.”
  • “Great to be asked to have input into the sessions so they were customised for our workplace.”
  • “Staff have come to me and said how good this training is and not just the content, it was fun too!”
  • “I have noticed the difference in my team; they are putting the customer first and enjoying the interactions again.”

We have a full suite of customisable programs, please contact us for further information.


Giving Back


LTS are committed to giving back to the community

Lightbulb Training Solutions believes in education for all and this includes volunteers. Below are examples of how the Lightbulb Training Solutions team volunteer their time and expertise to support those who do what they can for others with no financial gain for themselves.    

See details on the LTS experience with Lifeline South West Region - How I lost weight volunteering

Cate Schreck volunteers her time for the Geelong - Give Where You Live Loaned Executive program - 3 ways to beat public speaking or presentation panic