Stop Using Bandaids


By Cate Schreck – Founder of Lightbulb Training Solutions

Recently I had a call from a business owner seeking a session on customer service. When I asked what the particular problem was, the frustrated and very passionate business owner told me that one of his staff is rude to customers and some of the others just don't seem to care enough about customer service and their attitude is creating negativity within the team.  The owner went on to say that he is sick of having to remind his staff to smile and be polite and wonders if he has just hired the wrong people. The poor man was exhausted and he was in need of a good lie down, on a coach, with a therapist.

In all honesty, this is a very common scenario. A customer complaint or an unhappy team culture prompts the business to call us and their hope is that we have the solution....and they hope the solution won’t take too long or cost too much. In the world of workplace training – that’s called putting a band-aid on it. Band-aids by their very nature are a quick, cheap and easy to use solution. But they won’t fix a broken bone.

Lightbulb Training Solutions doesn't use or recommend band-aids for broken bones and behavioural issues in the workplace are broken bones.   

Our research has shown that businesses face 3 main challenges when aiming for a culture of service excellence:

  1. They don’t know what is needed or available to create customer service superstars
  2. They have trouble scheduling training to fit the budget and time constraints of the business and the attendees.
  3. They can’t measure the return on investment for soft skills (people skills) training.


  1. The LTS Customer Service Superstars program covers all the skills required for your staff to become service superstars. Our program educates and motivates using practical and engaging content that attendees rave about and businesses across Australia are signing up for.
  2. The LTS Customer Service Superstars program contains 6 sessions that can be customised for your business and delivered 7 days a week across Australia. Scheduling the sessions across 12 months, gives your staff and the business the ability to budget for both the cost and time allowance.
  3. The LTS Customer Service Superstars program includes before and after measurement of the attendees and the business owner’s level of satisfaction and provides access to customer experience measurement resources and tools.

 So how do you know if your business has broken bones? Here are the top 5 things to look for:

  1. Staff are not providing consistently excellent customer service
  2. Staff complain about customer behaviours
  3. Your staff and your customers seem “lifeless”
  4. Customers don't refer business to you
  5. You spend time wondering how you can get staff to provide excellent service.

If you want a business that staff love working in and your customers love to tell everyone about, then you need the LTS Customer Service Superstars program. It covers everything every business needs to not only create Customer Service Superstars but will keep them motivated to remain excellent – all day, every day, with every customer.

Stop wasting your money on band-aids, contact us today to find out more about our Customer Service Superstars program.