Why you must give your staff some TOM

Today I had a fan-bloody-tastic Customer Service Analysis (CSA) meeting with a potential new customer.  When I started my business Lightbulb Training Solutions, I wanted to work with employers who “Got IT”. What is IT you say? Well, my potential new customer summed it up in 2 words – Tom O’Toole.


I’ve been a BIG fan of Tom’s for years. He is a powerhouse of passion for both his staff and customers and although I don’t carry his level of charisma, I have been known to throw marshmallows, laugh out loud (lots), tell it like it is, tackle the tough stuff with humour and high five my Service Excellence training attendees.

As the video confirms, Tom has built a hugely successful business – Beechworth Bakery, and he credits his success to investing in his staff. He uses customer service training to empower them to become what I call – Customer Service Professionals.

As I left my meeting yesterday, I felt a sense of relief. After the craziness of the past week of seeing and hearing way too many examples of bad behaviour in the political arena, it was a relief to enter an environment of honesty and respect.  

As we toured the workplace, the employer shook hands with customers, introduced me by name to his staff and interacted genuinely with every person he encountered. He confirmed that his aim is for his team to provide customers with a stream of WOW moments and he was practicing what he preached. Not fake – genuine.

So, perhaps you think this customer service focused employer doesn’t need Lightbulb Training Solutions? Exactly the opposite. He fully understands that he cannot successfully manage, lead and train a team. He knows that not only is it a recipe for burnout, most staff don’t like to be managed, lead and trained by a person who has a big stake in the financial success of the business. The lines become blurred and the opportunity to empower staff to find their own “Why” for providing excellent service is lost as they feel compelled to do it for the boss, or the business or the customers but not for themselves.

For long term service excellence delivery, staff need to identify their WIIFM

What’s In It For Me

That’s what Lightbulb Training Solutions do – we create teams of Customer Service Professionals by providing the education that empowers and motivates individuals to work together in harmony and provide excellent service all day, every day to every customer.

If you want to create your own team of Customer Service Professionals, contact us to book your Customer Service Analysis today. Its free and I won’t throw marshmallows – well, not in our first meeting.