How to take away ATAR waiting pain

Do you have a VCE person in your orbit at the moment? I have seen them wandering around with a range of dazed, relieved, pained and nervous looks on their faces. Their parents seem to have the same sort of expressions and probably because right now, they are all in limbo. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting to see if the ATAR score is enough. 

I hate waiting for any sort of results - medical tests, job interviews, ticket allocations, sport scores, the number on the bathroom scales, feedback from a meal I cooked. I much rather know the news now - even if it's not what I want to hear. I can deal with facts but my head is not good with "what if's". I can only imagine what it's like to wait for VCE results. Why can I only imagine? I didn't do VCE.

Back in my day (urgh - that sounds old!) it was called HSC. In fact - I  not only didn't complete year 12, I didn't start Year 11. I landed a job at the ripe old age of 15 so I left school and have been working ever since.  Over the past 30 + years I have completed a qualification or two whilst I was working - some after hours and some were part of the job.

So here I am today, running my own business and I know and regularly meet many people who have achieved incredible career success with and without a specific HSC/VCE/ATAR score or a Uni Degree.

What they all have is a professional attitude, confidence and a genuine desire to learn and succeed - you can't measure that via ATAR.

If your VCE person is worried about their results and the impact those results will have on their future, give them an early Christmas or an  "I'm Proud of You" Gift. ...

  • Give them the gift that confirms what employers value ahead of academic results
  • Give them the gift that will help them enter the world of Uni with the skills to fit in and stand out 
  • Give them the gift that will allow them to earn money whilst they are at Uni or exploring other learning options
  • Give them the gift that will show them from A to Z what it takes to achieve the job of their dreams
  • Give them the gift that will help them attend job interviews with confidence
  • Give them the gift that will have employers lining up to hire them
  • Give them the gift that will give them perspective and a peak into the future of Australian workplaces
  • Give them the gift that will take the pressure off and replace it with confidence.

At the very least, give them the gift that confirms that no, low or perfect ATAR scores are only 1 part of achieving career success. 

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By Cate Schreck - Author of The A-Z of Service Excellence