#3 of the 7 Mistakes Customer Service Managers make (Includes DIY Solutions)


With 30+ years of experience working in, managing and training frontline employees in organisations across Australia, I regularly sees businesses make one, some or all of what I have identified as the Top 7 mistakes. These mistakes stop a business from creating a culture of service excellence. 

Mistake #3 is very common. Many customer service managers unconsciously think this way.... 

Mistake # 3 Only providing training when there is a service problem

Too often businesses wait until one or more of the following takes place before training is considered;

· Staff members not getting along or morale is low

· Customer complaints are on the rise

· Staff have become complacent about providing consistently excellent service

This gives staff the impression that training is only provided when they are performing poorly or doing things wrong.  It’s difficult to get positive engagement or a change in behaviours when employees enter a training environment with a negative perception of why they are there.  

DIY Solutions  

Change the conversation. Think and talk about workplace training as CPD – Continuous Professional Development, an ongoing process that every employee at every level accomplishes.

Mix it up. Incorporate a range of learning options under the heading of CPD ie:

1.  Volunteering in the community; helps improve social awareness and empathy

2. Industry conferences/events; provides the opportunity for your team to see the bigger picture and learn from peers

3. Confirm the value of external and informal learning your staff undertake and how it adds skills to your team i.e. coaching a sports team, position on a committee, household management

Be available. Provide professional and confidential meeting options so employees are comfortable advising issues that may or may not be work related, that are making it difficult for them to meet your service standards. Asking questions may confirm that the issue does not require training - it requires listening. Allowing an employee to vent and share, can eliminate many concerns.

How Lightbulb Training Solutions can help

Our Service Excellence Packages provide you with everything you need to create a team of Customer Service Professionals and can be delivered 7 days per week. We have a range of solutions but if what you need is outside of our area of expertise, we will help you source a reliable alternative i.e. Employee Assistance Program Providers, Customer Survey Services, HR Support, Counsellors and Conflict Resolution Specialists.

Catch up on Mistakes #1 & 2 here and stay tuned for the other Mistakes - but if you can't wait you can download all 7 Mistakes now.

By Cate Schreck - Author of "The A-Z of Service Excellence'