#5 of the 7 Mistakes Customer Service Managers make

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With 30+ years of experience working in, managing and training frontline employees in organisations across Australia, I regularly sees businesses make one, some or all of what I have identified as the top 7 Mistakes.

These 7 Mistakes stop a business from creating a culture of service excellence and increase the workload and stress levels of a customer service or business manager, the team and the customers.

Mistake #5 is very common and requires a level of trust to be built before it will be overcome.  

Mistake # 5 Not engaging external training providers

If you haven’t had a negative past experience with an external training provider, you probably know someone who has. Perhaps….

·         The initial contact was excellent but it went downhill from there

.         The trainer was inexperienced or simply boring

·         The time and money spent didn’t achieve the desired outcome

·         A poor level of service was given by the provider. 

You’re not alone as I often hear of these and other unsatisfactory experiences that have left businesses wary of training organisations.

Rest assured there are many professional and competent external training providers ready and waiting to help you and here's some tips to help you find and engage them.

First step. Be clear on why you want the training and ask the provider how they would address your need, rather than tell them what you want. This will give you an insight as to whether they use a “one size fits all’ process or if they will customise to meet the needs of your business, your customers and your team.

Ask training providers 3 questions;

1.      What workplace experience do your trainers have in the chosen topics?

2.      What businesses have you worked with and how did you help them?

3.      How will you learn about our business, our staff and our customers?

Speak to the trainer. It is not unusual for the person who takes your information and arranges the training program to be different to the person who turns up on the day. Speaking to the trainer allows you to confirm their skills and their passion for helping your team.

Contact your governing or industry body. They should be able to recommend reliable and professional training providers tat have experience in your industry.

How Lightbulb Training Solutions can help

We will repair your confidence. Our 6 Step ACTION process has you involved every step of the way with the development of your team of Customer Service Professionals. We have a growing list of delighted customers who are happy to speak with you and you can watch us in action via the videos on our website. Your allocated trainer will work with you to design and deliver your programs and be there as your go-to person every step of the way.    

You can catch up on Mistakes #1, 2,3 & 4 here and stay tuned for the other Mistakes - but if you can't wait you can download all 7 Mistakes now.

By Cate Schreck - Author of "The A-Z of Service Excellence'