Why customer service staff are stopping work


You, your team and everyone ‘wearing the uniform’ of the business work hard to find and keep customers. The business invests money and the team invest their skills and their time to entice, engage and exceed customer expectations and in return, we want customers to give the business their money and their time.

When we get this merry-go-round of money and time right, it’s great… but we can’t stop there.

As a team leader or manager, we have to review what we do, look for ways to improve and keep doing and reviewing because customer expectations will change and if you’re not watching, so can the motivation of your team.

  • Staff who feel under-appreciated for their dedication to the goal of exceeding customer expectations can become a hand brake on the merry-go-round.

  • Staff who are not recognised for their ability to keep going round and round, can stop turning.

  • Staff who don’t get time to stop and re-focus, can get dizzy and fall off the merry-go-round.

How do you know if anyone on your team are about to stop?

Use the below checklist to guage if your team are spining out of control or are in control of creating a remarkable experience for your customers:

1/ The noise of the workplace includes laughter and sounds of a team having fun

2/ Staff receive more compliments than complaints from customers

3/ Staff talk with empathy about their customers’ challanges

5/ Staff come to you with ideas on how to improve the customer experience

6/ You measure and share service and sales outcomes

7/ There is a focus on maintaining a mentally and physically healthy work environment

8/ The team celebrate success - at least weekly

9/ You trust your team and are proud of them

10/ Customers refer friends and family to the business

Want to know how to create a team of customer service staff who meet the above 10 items?

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By Cate Schreck - Author of The A - Z of Service Excellence