Customer Service Boot Camp - Geelong

Customer Service Bootcamp

With 30 years’ experience providing customer service training for various industries and more than 20 years’ experience designing and delivering customer service workplace training programs in Geelong and beyond, LTS Director and Service Excellence Coach Cate Schreck, knows that today's customer service providers face 3 main challenges:

  1. Remaining polite and professional with demanding or difficult customers.
  2. Being constantly assessed, scrutinised and critiqued on their service skills.
  3. Staying focused and positive all day, every day and still having energy left for life outside of work.

Customer service providers need to be focused, dedicated, confident, flexible, self aware and thick skinned! But most of all, they need to have excellent people skills. With this is mind and in response to the demand for a unique solution to these challenges, Lightbulb Training Solutions is proud to offer Customer Service Boot Camps in Geelong.

What is a Customer Service Boot Camp?

Customer Service Boot Camp is a one-day program which gives attendees the opportunity to brush up on their people skills and learn the most effective ways to interact with all types of customers – the good, the bad and the frustrating. It’s fun but not silly, it’s relaxed but not boring and it’s packed full of the skills and knowledge attendees need to become and remain “Customer Service Superstars”. ...oh... and NO Role Plays!

Who should attend Customer Service Boot Camp?

The below is just a few examples of job roles that Customer Service Boot Camp attendees might hold, but really, anyone who interacts with external customers as part of their job description will benefit from Customer Service Boot Camp.

  • Retail shop/sales assistants.
  • Specialist services – hairdressers/personal trainers/consultants/healthcare providers/carers.
  • Admin/reception/help and front desk staff.
  • Frontline tourism, events and hospitality staff.

What happens at Boot Camp?

First of all, there is no need to stress about being asked to stand up in front of strangers and complete intensive and sweat-inducing activities. It’s not that kind of boot camp. Customer Service Boot Camp is a day spent with a maximum of 15 other like-minded people who also want to sharpen their people skills, air their frustrations and learn what it takes to become and remain a Customer Service Superstar. We do all of this in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of practical and achievable tips and tasks that will give you the confidence to get back out there and win the customer service battle.

Why should I attend?

If you haven’t already worked out or been told that customer service (people) skills are what employers are seeking and customers are demanding, then don’t wait for the tap on the shoulder to lift your game. If you want to keep your job, get a new job, get a promotion or simply spend less time handling complaints and more time listening to compliments, then Customer Service Boot Camp is for you.

What will I learn?

You will exercise your customer service muscles as we cover the following topics:

  • Behavioural Styles – the key to it all is understanding the DISC behavioural styles, which will help you communicate better with your different types of customers.
  • Emotional Intelligence – what it is and how it helps you relate better to your customers.
  • Communication Power – it’s more than what you say.
  • Super Service – how to exceed what customers expect.
  • Embrace the Complaint – the tough stuff made easy.
  • Just For You - Less stress and more success.

What will I take away from Boot Camp?

  • The knowledge of how to exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • Tips on how to handle difficult or demanding of customers.
  • A Certificate of Attendance.
  • Support materials for all topics

When, where and how much?

Date: Wednesday November 11th 2015

Venue: Geelong Chamber of Commerce - Moorabool Street. GEELONG

Time: 9am - 4pm

Book Now - seats limited.