When did you last turn on your switch?


By Cate Schreck – Service Excellence Coach

Brax Window Treatments (BWT) Geelong recently completed a customised Service Excellence Program.  Twenty seven staff from their manufacturing, finance, admin, sales and installation departments, came together for 6 x 3 hour sessions to polish their people skills and learn why every employee is responsible for customer service excellence.

Watch us in action below:

Successful businesses today don’t want employees who only “turn on” their service skills switch for the external customers. They want employees that “turn on” their service skills switch as soon as they enter the workplace. They want employees who “turn on” their service skills switch with everybody they interact with – internal and external customers.

Internal Customers:

These are the people who wear the uniform of the business. They are your co-workers, contractors or anyone who delivers a service on behalf of the business. Internal customers provide service to each other which is referred to as the internal chain of customer service. The chain is people carrying out tasks that ultimately produce the product or service for an external customer.

External Customers:

These are the people who use or purchase your products or services. These are the people that pay your wage. Without them, there is no business and with no business, no jobs.

From the feedback I received, BWT attendees really enjoyed the program. What? Surely this can’t be right? Workplace training that had attendees saying things like this.....?

"I can't stop thinking about the customers"

"Best training ever, seriously!"

"I am so sorry I'm going to miss a session"

"What are we covering next week? This is great!"

If you want a team of Customer Service Superstars, contact LTS to schedule your FREE Customer Service Analysis. In as little as 30 minutes, I will share with you the 3 key areas to address for your staff to be motivated to provide consistently excellent service to every customer, every day.

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