5 reasons why some staff need to leave to learn


By Cate Schreck - Service Excellence Coach

Did you know that some customer service staff find it difficult to learn at work? No matter how often you ask them, tell them or plead with them to provide consistently excellent customer service, they just don't seem to get it. You may have spent time with them one on one, provided training in-house or dangled all sorts of carrots to get them on board but nothing seems to work.

Maybe they do lift, for awhile, but they eventually return to their old habits and their less than excellent customer service ways. You're feeling frustrated and annoyed at how much time you have spent with no return on your investment - your time investment.  

What's going on with these staff?

There can be many reasons, some of which may have nothing to do with you or your workplace. Taking the time to have a private and confidential chat with them to find out what could be stopping them from achieving your customer service standards is a great place to start. If once you've had that chat, there is still no valid reason as to why they don't seem engaged or motivated to provide consistently excellent service, then what do you do?

Is it time for a more rigid performance management process?

Before you start "cracking the whip", consider this; give them a chance to interact with peers from other businesses. Sending staff along to a public customer service training session can be what is required to turn your "Customer Service Straggler" into a Customer Service Superstar.

How does an external customer service training environment help them to learn? 

  1. The pressure is off - they don't have to perform in front of their co-workers or you
  2. They feel comfortable asking questions that they fear would be considered "silly" in their workplace
  3. They get to vent their frustrations and not be concerned about offending co-workers or disappointing employers
  4. They are inspired to try new things when they are surrounded by new people with new insights and new ideas
  5. Hearing from peers in other businesses gives them perspective - every business wants Customer Service Superstars

I've run many public training sessions that have been attended by over 600 individuals and without a doubt, the feedback that I get is overwhelming positive about what a difference it makes to step out of the workplace and hear from peers in other industries. I've had employers ring me after the training and wanted to know what I did because the staff member has returned to work with a new outlook and a customer service focused attitude.

It's not magic, it's just some people need different environments to turn on their learning buttons. It's not necessary for everyone, but just like providing customer service, customer service training is not a one size fits all process. Make sure you check that where you send them is a customer service training specialist - you don't want them coming back saying it was a waste of time. A customer service specialist training program is all about motivating and educating.

Lightbulb Training Solutions run public Customer Service Boot Camps that educate and motivate customer service individuals from all industries. We create Customer Service Superstars.

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