Is your Workplace OK?


By Cate Schreck - Service Excellence Coach

I recently attended a Geelong Chamber of Commerce breakfast event that was sponsored by beyondblue. The topic was Mentally Healthy Workplaces and we heard from local businesses and support services about the importance of having a mentally healthy workplace and how to make it happen.

The event was from 7am - 9am at The Pier Geelong. Picture this; I'm sipping coffee and eating a beautiful hot breakfast whilst looking out across the bay watching yachts and the occasional birds fly casually in and out of view. What a way to start a day! Oh, and there are 500+ other people there. I'm not one for big crowds so you may think it was a bit too loud or overwhelming, but it wasn't. There's something about a room full of people who are focused on creating mentally healthy workplaces that feels very very calming.

I too am passionate about creating mentally healthy workplaces. VERY passionate. It's the essence of why I started Lightbulb Training Solutions (LTS). LTS specialise in designing and delivering customer service training programs for workplaces large and small in Geelong and across Victoria.

How does customer service training help to create mentally healthy workplaces?

Excellent customer service requires staff to have an understanding of and skills in; body language, tone of voice, active listening, empathy, assertiveness, honesty, questioning, resilience, team work, behavioural styles and self awareness. We cover those topics and many more that coincidentally, are what's required to maintain a mentally healthy life.

Did you know? Mental Health costs Australian workplaces approximately $10.9 billion per year.

If your workplace has little or no focus on mental health, go to beyondblue and/or Heads Up for loads of free information and resources that can help everyone in your workplace....OR

Contact LTS. We can show your business how customer service training not only increases sales and decreases complaints, but also improves the mental health of your staff and your customers.

Is your workplace OK? It's costs nothing to talk.