How to provide excellent service to a "C Styler."


By Cate Schreck - Service Excellence Coach

How do you feel about sitting in your own office with no interruptions, completing tasks with little or no interaction with others and having all the time and resources you need to complete a project? How about if the project is something you have great interest in and requires you to complete detailed research and identify risks and you have been entrusted to make recommendations based on your findings?

If that sounds like heaven to you, then you identify with the C Style behaviour. C is one of the 4 DISC behavioural Styles and people who identify with this style, like the other 3 styles,  have preferred ways to communicate and behave.

People and Characters who display/ed C Style behaviours

  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates
  • Albert Einstein
  • Colleen McCullough
  • Peggy Olsen (TV Show - Mad Men)
  • C3PO (Star Wars Movies)

How to Identify a C Style Behaviour:

They often appear reserved and somewhat timid. They can be quiet but if the topic is in their area of interest or expertise, they will be happy to engage and share the details of what they know. C Styles like to study specifications and other information carefully and may seek to become a specialist in their chosen field/s . C Styles proceed cautiously and will spend time doing research before making decisions.  Their need for details and information can have other styles consider them as too critical or unwilling to try new things. C Styles prefer to avoid conflict and therefore do not easily express disagreeing views.

How to provide great service to a C Style Customer:

C Styles believe that if you're going to do something - do it right or don't do it at all. Be patient with the C Style customer, slow down your presentation and give plenty of detailed and factual information. Although it is considered excellent customer service to take the time to build rapport through small talk, keep the social chit chat to a minimum with a C Style customer.  C Style customers know what they want and can find overly chatty people annoying and not helpful when it comes to them getting what they need.

C Style customers may come across as blunt but this is simply their way of keeping the focus on what they need so they can make a decision.

  • Allow time for a C Style customer to ask questions and be prepared for a C Style customer to take their time making a final decision.
  • Depending on what you have on offer, they may wish to go away and assess the information which may slow down a sale, but doesn't mean they won't purchase or do business with you.
  • Find out what their key issues are and focus on those.
  • Be specific, answer questions calmly and carefully and provide them with written support information when possible.

If you rush a C Style customer and ignore their need for specific information, you might then be watching them walk out the door and over to your competitor.


  • Different styles to you does not = wrong.
  • Different styles to you = different.
  • All 4 of the DISC styles have their own advantages and disadvantages
  • It is possible to identify with some characteristics of  the C Style behaviour, but not all.
  • Customer Service Professionals don't judge their customers, they aim to delight them.

If you're not a natural C Style communicator, consider adjusting your style when you are with a C Style customer and you may be surprised at how positive the experience can be - for them and you. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first and it may take some practice but before long, you will find it less difficult and more rewarding.

If you would like to know your natural style or learn the soft skills required to communicate with all 4 DISC Behavioural Styles, contact Lightbulb Training Solutions today.

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