How 30 minutes changed a medical receptionists poor service skills.

Bad service face

By Cate Schreck - Service Excellence Coach

At Lightbulb Training Solutions we know and our customers agree, that for staff to provide consistently excellent customer service to their customers and each other, no amount of policies and procedures will make it happen and one training session is not enough. To create a culture of service excellence, every employee at every level requires access to a comprehensive and customised  service excellence program.

With this in mind, we created a 6 step ACTION process that provides businesses with a range of training options that both educate and motivate staff at all levels, to work together in harmony (yes it's possible) and provide consistently excellent customer service.

The first step of our ACTION process is for the Business Owner/Manager to complete a 30 minute Customer Service Analysis (CSA). How does that work? I'm glad you asked.....

Recently, the HR Manager of a Medical Centre in Melbourne, contacted Lightbulb Training Solutions confirming she was seeking communication and time management training for her 15 reception staff.  Although she was sure of what training was required, she took the time to complete a CSA - it's free so what did she have to lose?

The CSA covers the 3 key areas a business needs to focus on to create a culture of service excellence and gives LTS the opportunity to learn about the business, the employees and the customers. After completing the 30 minute CSA with me over the phone, the HR Manager approved Step 2 of the ACTION process which is Create.

From the information gained through the CSA, I created a Service Excellence program specifically for their business which included a range of professional development options:

  • 1 hour presentation to all staff - introducing the benefits of a service excellence program (with pizza)
  • 2 x 2 hour workshops for reception staff - face to face & telephone communication / time management 101
  • 1 x 3 hour Behavioural Profiling session - for 6 workplace leaders that included DISC Advanced individual and team reports
  • Access to LTS on-line videos and support resources
  • 12 hours of One to One coaching for an employee seeking to develop leadership skills
  • Feedback and ongoing support from LTS to help maintain a focus of service excellence

The workshops were delivered at the workplace and after hours to suit the availability of reception staff and the operating hours of the business. Afterwards, the HR Manager shared that a staff member she had identified as needing the most improvement, came to her voluntarily and commented on how great the program was and made suggestions of what other training would be beneficial. The HR Manager said she nearly fell over.

2 days later, 3 other attendees came to the HR Manager and expressed their thanks for the opportunity to engage with a Service Excellence Coach and learn what they can do to work smarter and get more smiles from customers. Managers in the business commented on the different "feeling" in the office - staff were talking about solutions more than problems and sharing their ideas about how they could exceed customers expectations.

In the words of one very impressed Doctor - "The place sounds so much brighter".

And this all began because the HR Manager took the time to complete a free 30 minutes Customer Service Analysis.  

What are you waiting for - book your Customer Service Analysis today.  Your customers and your staff will thank you.