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Why you need to do a CSA

Chocolate Sauce Appreciation? Cat Stylist Apprenticeship? Crocodile Snap Assessment?

What is a CSA?

Customer Service Analysis. A way for you to confirm that your business has the 3 key areas covered that educate and motivate your team to provide consistently excellent customer service. The CSA will help you to create a team of Customer Service Professionals.

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How 30 minutes changed a medical receptionists poor service skills.

At Lightbulb Training Solutions we know and our customers agree, that for staff to provide consistently excellent customer service to their customers and each other, no amount of policies and procedures will make it happen and one training session is not enough. To create a culture of service excellence, every employee at every level requires access to a comprehensive and customised  service excellence program.

With this in mind, we created a 6 step ACTION process that provides businesses with a range of training options that both educate and motivate staff at all levels, to work together in harmony (yes it's possible) and provide consistently excellent customer service.

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