3 reasons behavioural profiling is a waste of money

I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have seen eyes roll backwards or heard tiny little sighs when I bring up the DISC model or psychometric assessment options during my Free Customer Service Analysis meetings. Business Owners/HR Managers or People Leaders tend to glaze over when I get to this area of the discussion.

When I ask if they have heard of or completed behavioural assessments, the response is often one of these….

  • “Is that the eagles/doves/owls or red/blue/green colour thing? Yeah, done that but didn’t see the value”
  • “Yeah, yeah…heard of it but don’t remember much about it”
  • “Yep, I’ve done Myers Briggs Type Indicator or XYZ Assessment but can’t remember what I was”
  • “That stuff is no good for my team- they wouldn’t get it”

DISC is a Behavioural Profiling model with many applications and many many providers. So why do the people I meet have such a negative response regarding using it to develop a culture of service excellence?

Here’s 3 reasons why some people consider behavioural profiling a waste of time and money;

  1. When they were initially introduced to psychometric or behavioural profiling concepts, they weren’t given the skills to incorporate the learning into their work environment. It is difficult to remember learning that doesn’t have clear benefits or immediate applications.
  2. They weren’t given full interpretation of their individual report. That’s like going for an X-ray and taking the image home to interpret it yourself.  You need it interpreted by a specialist. Psychometric specialists exist for a reason.
  3. They felt pigeon-holed by the results. This is the very definition of the process not being facilitated professionally, or at all. You get what you pay for.

So why do I include behavioural profiling in our Service Excellence program when I almost always get resistance?

Because when psychometric assessments/behavioural profiling is done correctly and is included as part of a service excellence program, this is what I hear;

  • “I can not believe how valuable this is and how many applications is has”
  • “The positive shift in how our team communicate with each other and our customers is quite remarkable”
  • “My self confidence has improved. I now know my strengths and don’t feel so isolated in the workplace”
  • “How come when I did it before, I wasn’t given this amount of support/help/knowledge?”
  • “Everyone should do this before they start in a new workplace or team”
  • “Bloody hell – this is gold!” Exact feedback from recent attendee

It’s fair to say that the above is probably not nearly enough to convince you that Behavioural Profiling can help you and your team work together in harmony and deliver a consistently superior level of customer service. You probably think this is a just a sales pitch disguised as a blog.

If you’ve never met me then I could understand you would be suspicious. So here’s my offer; Meet me.

CONTACT ME and confirm you want to know more about Behavioural Profiling and I will share the benefits and the applications of the model with you. You can make up your own mind, ask all your questions, look at reports and I’ll even give you a free DISC Advanced sample report. If there are a few of you located in Geelong, we can pick a central spot to have coffee and share our experiences together  – yes, the coffee is on me.

What have you got to lose?