Geelong customer service that made me dance

For many businesses, following up after a sale or any kind of customer contact is something often considered an optional extra in their service provision. Many businesses encourage their staff to simply provide the customer with what they came for, and let them go on their merry way once they have got it. The priority after this is to go ahead with doing your job in respect to other customers.

However, the fact is that a little bit of follow-up work, can make a huge difference to the way your business retains customers, and attracts follow-up business from friends of the original customer.

In the case of Snap Geelong, their after sales follow up made me do a little jig. Yes there I was, standing at the post box in plain sight of others and I broke into what could only be considered an incredibly goofy jiggy kind of dance. The dance was in response to a yellow envelope that contained a Thank You card, hand signed by the team at Snap Geelong.

I had engaged Snap Geelong a few weeks prior for a small printing order and was not expecting anything more, let alone a thank you card confirming they value Lightbulb Training Solutions as a customer. I was especially thrilled by the light bulb on the front of the card which is likely just a coincidence but none the less, I loved it.

Now here’s the kicker. I’ve written a book “The A – Z of Service Excellence” which is due to be released in October this year and I’m in the market for promotional items including Thank You cards to send to all the wonderful people who helped me write the book. I could easily do this online but who do you think will be hearing from me for a quote? Snap Geelong.

Follow-up work is a major part of customer service. A customer will always see the good service they got from a business as a reason to return the next time they need something of a similar nature. This kind of service is arguably more powerful than paid advertising as a tool to get customers through the door on a regular basis. Any customer who feels that they have been given exemplary service will be like a walking billboard or a cheerleader for your company. This is something that many companies fail to keep in mind, and it costs them money in the long run.

What are you doing to exceed your customers expectations? Contact Lightbulb Training Solutions to find out more about how you and your team can have your customers dancing……. or at the very least staying with you and possibly bringing all their friends, family and readers with them.