How bad weather is an easy way to win customers.


If you have customers who visit your business on hot and humid days or cold, wet and miserable days, then you have a great opportuntity to exceed their expectations and have them telling their networks how much they love the business.

Icy poles, water, cold drinks and fruit are a big hit on hot days and for the cold and wet weather, warm drinks and even a warm snack can go a long way towards improving your reputation for customer care.

But if you really want to impress, spend a couple of dollars ( I’ve checked it out and you can purchase the below for very low cost)

  • Cool Snakes - Neck tie coolers work wonders on hot days

  • Umbrellas - For a shadey and/or dry walk back to their car/bus/bike

  • Pocket Warmers - To keep hands and feet toasty warm

  • Speciality Teas - The range is huge for both hot and cold teas

  • Beanies - Choose a charity to support and show your care extends into the community

  • Kids Scarves or Gloves - Let the kids pick for themselves

  • Enviro friendly shopping bags - For all weather

Be as selective as you want as to who gets offerred what and of course you can spend more and include your logo on the products.

BUT don’t lose sight of the real intent of the give aways - it’s about solving customer problems. Weather can be a problem for customers and we exceed customer expectations when we think about ways to improve a customer experience both during and after our interactions.

That’s what your competition are doing. They are spending money and time working out how they can get your existing and potential customers to spend time with them and not you. To attract and keep customers, you need to surprise and delight and not just once.

BUT why stop there - staff love to be surprised and delighted too so add the gifts to induction packs and ask the team what they think will delight customers. The more brains working on solving customer problems, the more opportunities you will see to create experiences that leave staff and customers feeling respected and valued..

Service excellence - step up or get stepped over.

By Cate Schreck - Author of The A - Z of Service Excellence