What are Soft Skills?

Back Stabber!

By Cate Schreck - Service Excellence Coach

Are you aware of how others may perceive you? Do you find some people impossible to interact with? Do you get stressed or angered easily? Could you have a better work-life balance? Do you understand and use empathy? Are you able to control your emotions? Do your emotions control you? Does the picture above look like a professional and positive workplace interaction?*

Soft skills are also known as People Skills and related to your EQ - Emotional Quotient or level of Emotional Intelligence. Some people have well developed EQ but others - not so much. It's a pity it's referred to as Soft Skills because they can be the hardest skills to master.

LTS specialise in providing the soft skills training that workplaces around the world now consider as the key skills required for a productive and harmonious workplace. Improving the soft skills of staff has positive effects for them both in and out of work.

It is a proven fact that happy staff are more productive at work and more likely to sustain positive relationships with other staff and customers. People with well developed Soft Skills have a "can do" attitude, they seek to understand the bigger picture and can confidently manage difficult interactions and have an understanding and control of their own emotions. They are also pretty good at helping other people handle negative or unhelpful emotions.

Dealing with difficult people, having to deliver bad news or even just saying no, can leave staff feeling frustrated, tired and even stressed. Soft Skills training educates staff on how to get through the "tough stuff" with confidence and control. Our sessions leave attendees feeling confident. We share the soft skills that help them manage their daily interactions and the steps they need to take so they can leave work at work and go home with energy for their personal life.

Examples of soft skills training topics we offer:

  • Communicating with Style

  • Anger and Stress Management

  • Behavioural Profiling - DISC Advanced®

  • Delegating and Performance Management

  • Handling Complaints

Every business can benefit from soft skills training. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

*If the above picture does look like a professional and positive workplace interaction - quick, contact us now!