How to sell to Donald Trump


By Cate Schreck - Service Excellence Coach

Let me start by acknowledging that I understand you may or may not like Donald Trump and of course the opportunity to provide a service to him is probably not on the cards. For now, disregard what Donald Trump says and consider only how he behaves. Donald displays a D Style behaviour.

D is one of the 4 DISC behavioural styles that humans use and like all 4 styles, people who have a natural D Style Behaviour have strengths and weaknesses.

All 4 of the DISC styles have preferred was to communicate and when we understand the 4 styles we can adjust our communication to increase the chance of selling an idea, a product or a service to them. If you're not a natural D Style communicator, consider adjusting your style when you are with a D Style customer and you may be surprised at how positive the experience can be - for them and you.

Have you ever engaged with a customer who behaves like Donald Trump?

How to Identify a D Style Customer:

They talk fast and make quick decisions. They know what they want and prefer to be in control of how they get it. They like competition, being challenged and leading the way. D Styles have a strong drive to win and are task focused which can have other styles consider them as blunt or abrupt. D styles have little time for social chat unless it is about them and their causes. D Styles like to take action and seek to bring the right people under their control who can handle the details. D Styles demand as much of themselves as they do of others.

How to sell to a D Style Customer:

Get to the point. Small talk and small details are not important. Confirm how the product or service will improve their lives or help them to get ahead. Enjoy the battle with them but let them have a "win". D styles rarely take things personally and they believe that there is strength in speaking your mind. Let the D Style customers lead the conversation and remember to acknowledge their knowledge or expertise.


  • Regardless of the style of your customer, your role is to respect all customers and provide a superior level of service.
  • Different styles to you does not = wrong. Different styles to you = different.
  • All 4 of the DISC styles have their own advantages and disadvantages
  • With conscious effort we can all use all 4 styles, it's just that 1 style will feel more natural and take less energy.
  • The 4 Styles can be displayed in varying extremes
  • It is possible to identify with the D Style behaviour, but not as strongly as other D Styles ie: Donald Trump.
  • Rarely is anyone 100% one style only.
  • Customer Service Professionals don't judge their customers, they learn about their style and adjust their communication to provide a level of service that makes all customers feel valued.

If you would like information on the other 3 DISC Styles ( I, S & C) stay tuned for the next 3 blogs which will be published over the next 3 Mondays.

If you would like to know your natural style or learn the soft skills required to communicate with all 4 DISC Behavioural Styles, contact Lightbulb Training Solutions today.