Why I'd throw a Kingfish at Marco Pierre White.

Marco Pierre White

By Cate Schreck - Service Excellence Coach I am an avid viewer of the Channel Ten show Masterchef. I enjoy watching the creation of meals but I also enjoy watching how the contestants and the mentors interact and communicate with each other. Marco Pierre White is a regular guest Chef and he uses a loud and authoritative voice, slaps his hands together and delivers his messages leaving no doubt you better do as he says during the challenges. Marco also demands a loud and clear "Yes Chef" be the collective response from the contestants to every one of his orders. Gary and George do it too but Marco is the master.

I almost threw a shoe at the TV screen as Marco's way of seeking information during one challenge was to me, very annoying. It went like this and it was super loud and very direct; "Where's my Kingfish, Where's my Kingfish, Where's my Kingfish?!" I'll give you Kingfish Mr White.....but you might have to duck or it will hit you in the head when I throw it your way.....3 times. Yes, that would be my response if a boss in my workplace asked me a question in that manner. But my workplaces are nothing like Master Chef.

I need to have a chat with a Chef to find out why this type of workplace communication is not only tolerated but expected and respected in the restaurant industry. I'm sure there is a valid reason and I'm assuming it's to do with motivation and maybe there's research that proves that to get the quality and the quantity of meals required to the waiting customers, staff need to be communicated to in this way. I just wonder if there are budding chefs sitting at home watching the show who have dreams of working in the industry, but resist jumping in because of the nature of the accepted communication styles.

If that type of communication is the best and only way to get the products to the customers, then soldier on restaurant industry. And let's be honest - this type of behaviour is great for TV. But not every workplace needs this type of communication style to get the best out of the employees. If you're a boss and you want to get the best out of your team, it's important to understand what communication style motivates your employees. If you only communicate information like Marco Pierre White during challenges, you can expect to also have to deal with complaints and high staff turnover.

  • Did you know there are 4 behavioural styles  that humans use and each style has preferred ways of communicating?
  • Did you know that when you adjust your communication to suit employees who have a different style to you, you will gain more respect and motivate more employees more often?

Understanding the 4 styles and the effect of your workplace environment on employees can help you recruit, educate and retain staff who provide consistently excellent service to each other and your customers. It's not magic, it's DISC.

Just like our customers, communicating with our employees is not a "one size fits all" process. Some employees will appreciate and be incredibly motivated by direct orders given in a direct manner, others will be de-motivated by this type of behaviour. Often we communicate only using our natural behaviour style but learning more about the 4 behavioural styles and adjusting how you communicate will give you and your staff, greater success.

In defence of Marco Pierre White, he does adjust his communication style to suit the environment. He speaks much slower and is less blunt when the challenges are over and the contestants are wiping their brows. He takes the time to acknowledge great work and provides feedback to help individuals to grow. Marco is a good communicator as he can adjust to suit the needs of his team and the environment, but I would still throw a Kingfish at him.....whilst running out the door. Am I suited to that style of communication motivation? No. But I understand it's what motivate others.

If your workplace team could benefit from learning how to adjust communication to get the best out of everyone, then contact Lightbulb Training Solutions today.