Why your service must be soft

I love my morning coffee but more than that, I need my morning coffee. I have been known to front up to Geelong coffee shops with a sincere look of desperation and although I try to be pleasant, I’m sure I probably sound like Darth Vadar giving orders to the Storm Troopers.

Whilst I wait for my coffee, I can’t help but assess the overall customer experience of every customer in the shop. I can’t switch off my customer service radar – it’s in my DNA.

I had a coffee chat with a client recently and he asked me; “Why is it, that some coffee shop staff have no idea when customers are in a hurry?” He confirmed that every morning he chooses to drive further to get his coffee from a shop that provides a quicker and he feels, friendlier service. He went on to say he knows many people who avoid some coffee shops because they simply take too long and the end product is no better.

Seems coffee is a hot topic (pardon the pun).

Some coffee shops are fantastic. Even though some of their customers are like Darth Vadar, they greet all customers with a welcome smile and they have slick processes to get that hot cup of “wake up juice” to them . They are fast but thorough and they know what their customers expect and they aim to exceed those expectations.

  • A little morning treat on the lid of the cup ie: shortbread, smarties, chocolate or slice of fresh fruit.
  • A tip jar and the money is used to provide a coffee for those who can’t afford it.
  • A free coffee after you buy a certain number of coffees.
  • BYO cup is encouraged to limit paper cup pollution.
  • Handouts with detailed coffee information – where it comes from and the different tastes
  • Coffee tastings

These coffee shops do more than simply make and serve coffee, they give a positive experience and in return, they get repeat business and new customers referred to them.

I recognise that for some customers, they respect that great coffee may take more time and they are happy to wait. I also know that some customers couldn’t tell the difference between an Cafe Zorro and a French Press (not sure I do). That’s what makes a business great; staff ask questions and they adjust their service to accommodate the individual needs of as many customers as possible.

Successful Coffee Shops focus on these 2 things to make the perfect cup of coffee:

  1. The Hard Skills – The skills to take the order, use the machines, make the coffee and process the payment
  2. The Soft Skills – The skills to make customers feel welcome, to read body language and assess tone of voice, to show empathy and do all of that at the same time as completing the Hard Skills efficiently.

Regardless of what your business sells or the services you provide, staff need help with not just the Hard Skills of their role, but also with the Soft Skills. Lightbulb Training Solutions provide businesses with the Soft Skills training that help make customers and staff feel valued and respected.

  • Valued and respected customers are likely to buy more from you and refer more people to the business.
  • Valued and respected staff enjoy coming to work, smile lots and provide great service.

The product still has to be good BUT if what you offer is being sold by others, excellent service is how you beat the competition.

Contact us today to complete your free Customer Service Analysis  – the first step to helping your business be known for great service.