Why I had to write a customer service book

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When I was a Customer Service Manager I used to read, watch and attend everything I could that would help me, help my team to work together in harmony and provide consistently excellent customer service.

I would use my new found knowledge to run training sessions, give pep talks, create competitions, give out rewards and awards, survey the customers and many others things all with the aim to lift my team to customer service greatness.

Motivating frontline staff to maintain a foucs on service excellence and team hamrony is a challange. And when I say challenge, I mean like getting a puppy to stop chewing your slippers kind of challenge or not eating Chocolate at Easter.

But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get my teams to stay motivated. Over time, old habits would eventually return and I would find myself with the same questions...

Why do I have to keep reminding adults to;

  • Smile and be polite

  • Present professionally – clothing and attitudes

  • Treat each other with respect

  • Leave and come back from breaks on time

  • Look for ways to exceed a customer’s expectation

  • Keep the customer area clean and tidy

  • Use customer names.

I didn’t realise it then, but I was missing a vital ingredient for employees to provide consistently excellent customer service – they had to want to do it. No amount of my pep talks, rewards, insights, warnings or pats on the back where going to work long term. What I needed was a resource that would educate and motivate staff to want to step up and become Customer Service Professionals. 

I couldn't find that resource so I wrote the book I wish I had when I was Manager of frontline teams.

The A - Z of Service Excellence.
The Essential Guide to Becoming a Customer Service Professional

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The book is written for your customer service staff. It speaks to them in their language and will help them uncover not only what they will get out of becoming a Customer Service Professional but also gives them;

  • Practical ways to handle difficult customers with ease

  • Tips on how to cope during peak periods

  • Permission to complain – professionally

  • Steps to address their own stress

  • A reason to improve that goes beyond making money for the business

If you’re a frontline manager and you read the book you will probably find yourself nodding along and saying something like “This isn’t new – this is what I tell them every day”. The difference is - it’s not coming from you.

For employees to adjust their level of service from good to great – they need to want to do it for their own reasons, not yours.

My book is just the start. Lightbulb Training Solutions are working on a range of on-line resources so businesses can maintain team harmony and a focus on service excellence all year.

It’s hard enough to manage and lead a team of employees, let alone to educate and motivate them to provide consistently excellent customer service. Leave the training to the experts and sit back and watch your team want to be Customer Service Professionals.

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By Cate Schreck