How Kermit can cause customer complaints


Every customer has a service rhythm and when customer service staff can identify and match that rhythm, customers are delighted. If an employee is out of sync with a customer's service rhythm, it's like they’re singing "Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the Frog whilst the customer is singing "Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

Customers quickly get frustrated and tire of staff who can’t match their customer service rhythm.

Understanding your own service rhythm is the first step in adjusting to suit the rhythm of a customer.

At Lightbulb Training Solutions, we use the DISC theory and DISC ADVANCED assessments to give customer service staff the knowledge and the skills to adjust to the rhythm of every customer.

Below is an example of 4 customers who have different service rhythms.

Customer A is calm and friendly. They have done their research and have planned enough time to listen carefully and ask questions. They prefer a quieter environment so moving them away from other people or noise will help them to relax. They are motivated by helping others so, for example, if your business provides support to the local community/charities or your products are cruelty free, make sure you take the time to explain this to them.

Their theme song is…..’Imagine’ by John Lennon

Customer B is positive and happy. They love to chat, they are very social and often talk and think fast. They want your attention and they love to make people smile and will look for opportunities to engage and delight. They are motivated by postive outcomes and will use thier humour, quick wit and positivity to make sure everyone around them is having a good time - which means you may have to repeat information as they can be easily distracted.

Their theme song is…. ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake

Customer C is careful and concise. They have done all the research and will arrive prepared. They know what you can or can’t do, they have ideas of how you can do it better and they want your undivided attention. They are motivated by facts and direct communication - leave the small talk out of it. They will appreciate time to think and assess before they decide.

Their theme song is……”It’s got to be perfect” by Fair Ground Attraction

Customer D is direct and demanding. They have limited time and loads of confidence, so they will expect you to have all the answers otherwise, get them someone who does, They want to be treated as high priority and they want the best you can offer - now. Their direct communication may feel abrupt but they are busy people who don’t have time for chit chat and are motivated by staff who get to the point, move fast and get things done - now.

There theme song is ….”My Way” by Frank Sinatra

If all of the above seems daunting, never fear - Lightbulb Training Solutions is here.

We specialise is providing customer service teams with the training that gives them the ability to identify customer rhythms and effortlessly sync up and sing up a storm (which translates to creating a remarkable reputation for the business). It’s a triple win!

Contact us today to tune up your customer service team.

By Cate Schreck - Author of “The A - Z of Service Excellence” Click here to download the first Chapter for FREE