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Why your service must be soft

I love my morning coffee but more than that, I need my morning coffee. I have been known to front up to Geelong coffee shops with a sincere look of desperation and although I try to be pleasant, I’m sure I probably sound like Darth Vadar giving orders to the Storm Troopers.

Whilst I wait for my coffee, I can’t help but assess the overall customer experience of every customer in the shop. I can’t switch off my customer service radar – it’s in my DNA.

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How to avoid creating the customer you never wanted

I am a Service Excellence Coach and passionate supporter of the many fantastic and truly dedicated customer service providers in any industry who day in and day out, work hard to provide great service to their customers. It can be a tough job as not every customer will be a delight to interact with and some customers can be quite difficult. I became a difficult customer recently and it was in response to some very poor service.

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Geelong customer service that made me dance

For many businesses, following up after a sale or any kind of customer contact is something often considered an optional extra in their service provision. Many businesses encourage their staff to simply provide the customer with what they came for, and let them go on their merry way once they have got it. The priority after this is to go ahead with doing your job in respect to other customers.

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