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Different is the new ordinary

At 5.45am this morning, I stumbled out of bed and got myself to a 7am breakfast event run by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce. After I found the coffee machine and inhaled 2 cups of the good stuff, I somehow managed to sit at the wrong table. I was having a great chat to some really lovely people and then was advised of my seating error. I waved bye bye to my news friends and relocated to my appointed table.

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Why your service must be soft

I love my morning coffee but more than that, I need my morning coffee. I have been known to front up to Geelong coffee shops with a sincere look of desperation and although I try to be pleasant, I’m sure I probably sound like Darth Vadar giving orders to the Storm Troopers.

Whilst I wait for my coffee, I can’t help but assess the overall customer experience of every customer in the shop. I can’t switch off my customer service radar – it’s in my DNA.

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Why you need to do a CSA

Chocolate Sauce Appreciation? Cat Stylist Apprenticeship? Crocodile Snap Assessment?

What is a CSA?

Customer Service Analysis. A way for you to confirm that your business has the 3 key areas covered that educate and motivate your team to provide consistently excellent customer service. The CSA will help you to create a team of Customer Service Professionals.

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How 30 minutes changed a medical receptionists poor service skills.

At Lightbulb Training Solutions we know and our customers agree, that for staff to provide consistently excellent customer service to their customers and each other, no amount of policies and procedures will make it happen and one training session is not enough. To create a culture of service excellence, every employee at every level requires access to a comprehensive and customised  service excellence program.

With this in mind, we created a 6 step ACTION process that provides businesses with a range of training options that both educate and motivate staff at all levels, to work together in harmony (yes it's possible) and provide consistently excellent customer service.

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Geelong customer service that made me dance

For many businesses, following up after a sale or any kind of customer contact is something often considered an optional extra in their service provision. Many businesses encourage their staff to simply provide the customer with what they came for, and let them go on their merry way once they have got it. The priority after this is to go ahead with doing your job in respect to other customers.

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